The Traders Psyche Foundation Program

The Traders Psyche Foundation Program is a great starting point for not only new traders but also more experienced traders who may not be getting the results they desire.

In every area of our lives, there are ‘structures’ that we have psychologically and physically created for ourselves. These structures heavily influence the actions that we then perform in our day to day lives, whether it be through trading, at work, exercising, eating healthily our relationships and a whole host of other areas.

The main aim of the foundation course is to build, as the title suggests, a strong foundation that you base your trading career from. We will look at developing structures to put into place before, during, and after your trading sessions that will help put you in the best frame of mind for the trading session, regardless of whether you are currently a part-time or a full-time trader.

The foundation course consists of 2 Skype Voice call sessions usually over a period of 2 weeks. During the sessions we will review your current structures that you have in place, if any, and then look to optimize this area of your trading experience.

You will also be given homework and exercises to perform that will drive home what we discuss in the sessions and help give you a strong platform and implement structures that will help you in the long run, not just in trading but also other important areas of your life.

The investment you will make to start off on your path to successful trading by attending this training course stands at just £99.

As all of our courses are on a 1-on-1 basis we only take a limited number of clients each period  to ensure we can assist our clients to the best possible level.

If you are interested then please follow the above paypal button. Once payment has been made, contact us without delay so we can reserve you a spot on this training course in the next available session.