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Learn & Trust in your Process!

When learning how to trade, it is important you try not to get overwhelmed with the immense amount of information that is available. Do not try to over-complicate things. Trading can be difficult and requires hard work to succeed, so why would you want stack the odds against you even more than is necessary?

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Why Less is More in Trading

Many Traders will find that when they first start out and are trading on a demo account, or perhaps even relatively small size, they do relatively well. But as soon as they start increasing their size, and things begin to get more ‘real’, the hit an invisible wall and just cannot seem to penetrate through it, significantly hindering their progress. So assuming they are still trading the same system, what has changed?

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Have you hit a ‘brick wall’?

I’ve spoken to many people over the years about trading, and one topic that crops up every now and then is when traders feel like they keep head butting a brick wall that is standing in their way. They cannot seem to break through this obstacle, and of course this inevitably leads to frustration and overtrading, thus taking trades against their processes and rules. So how are you able to push yourself to move on and hit the next level in your trading?

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Uncertainty in Trading

Whether you like it or not, if you are engaged in trading there is never any certainty in the result of any given trade that you may take. Even the best traders, investors, market forecasters or even the ‘gurus’ on your favourite finance television networks cannot say with ‘certainty’ where the market is headed next year, next month, next week, or heck, even tomorrow.

So how can traders deal with the uncertainty that trading in the markets presents?

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Loss Aversion

What is Loss Aversion?

Quite simply, Loss Aversion is where a trader is unwilling to take a loss in a current trade they have on. Rather than take the pre-agreed loss they set at the start of the trade, the trader decides to move, or even remove, their stop loss, hoping and praying that the market will return in their favour. The trader essentially is trying to ‘avoid’ taking the loss.

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Mindfulness Vs Meditation – What’s the difference and how can it help your Trading?

Many successful people, Traders and Non-Traders, consistently speak of the value of meditation. I’ve highlighted the benefits of meditation in a previous article and how it can help your trading. Despite the obvious benefits it can bring, it is true that many people simply struggle with regularly practicing meditation. So what can you do to help ease in to meditation if you have no experience of it?

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How often have you said to yourself, “I need to more grateful. I need to be more thankful for what is in my life. I need to show gratitude to the people around me.”

How often do you perhaps make a point of expressing gratitude for the good in your life? Once a day? A week? A month?

How many times have you tried to instill this habit, but then find yourself falling out of the ‘habit’ and reverting back into your previous routine and busy life?

What does ‘being grateful’ actually mean, and why is it important, not only in terms of trading, but also your everyday lives?

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Patience and Trading…

Whether you are relatively young in your trading career or are a seasoned veteran; still unprofitable, or now trading consistently profitably – one thing is for certain – virtually all traders will agree that learning the art of being patient and applying it to your trading is quite possibly one of the most crucial elements to successful trading.

So why is it that many new traders are unable to follow this simple rule…?