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Fear in Trading

‘Fear’ is something that I bet every trader in the world has at some stage experienced. It could be a fear of loss (losing money), a fear of being wrong (ego), or perhaps even FOMO (Fear of missing out).

What is certain however, is that any traders who have become truly successful within trading have learnt to manage and master their fears. If you cannot do this, then you stand little chance of staying in the game long term.

So how do we combat fear?

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Snatching Profits – Why do we do it?

How many traders have snatched profits in their trading careers? How many of you have closed trades based on your P&L as opposed to closing based on your charts? Have you closed a trade to ‘protect’ your profits all the while being almost certain that price will still move further in your favour? Conversely, how many of you let losses run to your full stops (or maybe even further!) when you know you are wrong but are ‘hoping’ the market will turn?

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Where is your focus?

Thousands of years ago, there was an epic tale evolving in a place that is now known as India. In today’s teachings we refer to it as The Mahabharata.

During this time there was a boy called Arjuna, who was one of five brothers & princes, known as the Pandavas. Now one day, the Pandava brothers along with their Kaurava cousins were out in the forest with their combat and military teacher, Drona, who decided that he wanted to test the boys’ level of focus and concentration.