Benefits of coaching

How can WE help YOU?

A) Firstly, by working with us it is highly likely you will save hundreds, if not thousands of Pounds/Dollars/Euros/Yen that would have otherwise been gifted to your broker

It doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, what religion you are, what area from the world you are from, whether you are a high school drop out or have a PhD – usually traders will always make the same sort of mistakes, time and time again.

The reason only 5-10% of traders ever make it to long term profitability is because they are the few who sought help when they needed it!

Rather than bleed there hard earned money and let it land straight into their brokers pockets, they seek help to aid them with their structural set up, their discipline, to review their limiting beliefs and help transform them into someone who is ready to make money from the markets.

Ironically, the thing that stops most people investing in proper training and coaching is the cost – but ask yourself, what is more effective – to effectively go through trial and error and risk losing thousands in the markets, or to invest in YOURSELF and work with a coach who can help take you to the next level?

B) You are doing what the elite do – even the most successful hedge fund managers have regular coaching

No matter what industry of field, the top performers will almost always have a coach. Why? So they can stay as top performers! Roger Federer, Novak Djokovich, Tiger Woods, Anthony Joshua, other top athletes, chief executives or multinational companies and even traders! Did you know, Paul Tudor Jones, one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time invests over $1,000,000 a year on coaching – just so he can maintain and improve his already high levels of performance.

Rather than look at how much it costs for you to take trading, ask yourself how much you can save from losses if you take the training?

Believe in yourself, choose to push yourself to the next level and allow us to help take you there!

C) By taking our courses and receiving our coaching – we can tell you what you NEED to hear!

By taking  on coaching, you understand that there are things you need to work on. On our courses and in our one-on-one sessions, we will tell you how it is, and tell you what you need to hear to help you improve – not what you want to hear!

D) You’ll have more structure in your life – You’ll be more positive, your relationships will improve, you will be moving forward with your life

Generally it is understood that our behaviours are made up of patterns – how we done one thing is generally how we do other things. In the cases of traders, usually there is a real parallel between emotions experienced in trading and the emotions experienced in their relationships.

When we speak with traders who have had their light-bulb moments after working with us, it is clear that not only do they see their trading performance improve but also their relationships and wider quality of life.

E) You could experience a big return on your investment in very little time

Usually the traders we work with generally know how to trade. They have a strategy in place, and generally speaking they trader with a decent ratio of profitable traders. However despite this, they still end month after month with a negative P&L… How can this be?

Generally, this is simply due to the fact that even though they have a small number of losses, the overall management of these losing traders is extremely poor and it wipes out not only the profits but more of the initial capital.

By investing in our courses we can help you develop the structures that are currently in place in your life, help develop your trading discipline, help change your behaviour and improve your overall trading experience, enabling you to move forward to achieving your goals.


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