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Rational v Irrational effects of Winning & Losing

I have a big love of sports. I’ve been participating since I could walk, perhaps even before. I came from a family who were cricket mad (for Americans, cricket is our British version of baseball), so naturally this was a sport I was directed towards, but I also played Badminton at a decent level, and Football (Soccer) for my local team.

I want to put forward a scenario to you, and you will see why sport is relevant to Trading, and in particular the rational & irrational effects of winning and losing…

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TTP Reading Challenge 2019 – Book 1

As many of you will know, it is vital that as traders we keep a growth mindset.

We should always strive to improve ourselves both in and outside of trading.

Thus we have decided to invite you to partake in our Reading challenge between now and the end of 2019.

We are quite ambitious by nature, so given there are 20 weeks between now and the end of 2019, we decided that setting a target of 1 book a week would be a challenging but still a very achievable target.

The challenge will start NEXT MONDAY 12th August – so if you want to join feel free to jump on board!

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Learn & Trust in your Process!

When learning how to trade, it is important you try not to get overwhelmed with the immense amount of information that is available. Do not try to over-complicate things. Trading can be difficult and requires hard work to succeed, so why would you want stack the odds against you even more than is necessary?

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Why Less is More in Trading

Many Traders will find that when they first start out and are trading on a demo account, or perhaps even relatively small size, they do relatively well. But as soon as they start increasing their size, and things begin to get more ‘real’, the hit an invisible wall and just cannot seem to penetrate through it, significantly hindering their progress. So assuming they are still trading the same system, what has changed?

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Have you hit a ‘brick wall’?

I’ve spoken to many people over the years about trading, and one topic that crops up every now and then is when traders feel like they keep head butting a brick wall that is standing in their way. They cannot seem to break through this obstacle, and of course this inevitably leads to frustration and overtrading, thus taking trades against their processes and rules. So how are you able to push yourself to move on and hit the next level in your trading?

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Uncertainty in Trading

Whether you like it or not, if you are engaged in trading there is never any certainty in the result of any given trade that you may take. Even the best traders, investors, market forecasters or even the ‘gurus’ on your favourite finance television networks cannot say with ‘certainty’ where the market is headed next year, next month, next week, or heck, even tomorrow.

So how can traders deal with the uncertainty that trading in the markets presents?