TTP Reading Challenge 2019 – Book 1

As many of you will know, it is vital that as traders we keep a growth mindset.

We should always strive to improve ourselves both in and outside of trading.

Thus we have decided to invite you to partake in our Reading challenge between now and the end of 2019.

We are quite ambitious by nature, so given there are 20 weeks between now and the end of 2019, we decided that setting a target of 1 book a week would be a challenging but still a very achievable target.

The challenge will start NEXT MONDAY 12th August – so if you want to join feel free to jump on board!

The books will either be specific to Trading, or in relation to mindset in general, but all will have applicable concepts that can and should be applied to our daily lives, both in and out of trading.

Some books I have already read and I think are highly valuable thus worth another read, and a few books I have come across through recommendations or are already on my reading list.

So without further hesitation, here is the first book of our challenge – If you do not have a copy we have included amazon links to take you to the correct book below:


  1. Week beginning Monday 12th August 2019

Book Title: The Magic of Thinking Big

Available from Amazon – to purchase select your usual Amazon store from the list below:


Amazon UK; Amazon USA; Amazon Canada; Amazon Germany; Amazon France; Amazon Spain; Amazon Italy;


Book Summary: As the title suggests, the main premise behind the book is to ‘Think Big’. This is incredibly important especially for those of us who either already Trade for a living Full-Time, or those of you who aspire to reach this goal.

Essentially the purpose of this book is to help you reach a stage where you 100% believe you can achieve any goal that you set for yourself. The main purpose for this is if your brain is focused on and working towards achieving a goal that you firmly believe you can achieve, your subconscious mind automatically begins to think creatively to try and come up with ideas to help you on your way.

This mindset also helps you stay strong in the face of adversity, failure and difficult times which are inevitable in the Trading world.

It really highlights the fact that no matter what your choice of goals are, having a positive mind set in your life rather than a negative one will get you a

There are a lot of great insights in this book, and it is a fairly easy read so it is a perfect way to kick off the reading challenge.

We hope you join us in this, if you do I know you will greatly benefit from it – Remember in order to progress in life it’s critical that we keep ourselves in a growth mindset.

If you are joining we would love for you to share your insights about each book on the relevant article post – whether you found it beneficial or not, what were the key lessons for you, etc – You can either comment below or even email us direct on the contact form – we would love to hear from you!

Also please share this article with you friends, especially those who you think will benefit from reading a few of the suggested book sand joining in with the challenge.

God bless, and Happy Trading!




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